Poundland selling Christmas products 3 weeks before Easter

Poundland selling Christmas products 3 weeks before Easter

Poundland selling Christmas products 3 weeks before Easter

Every celebration is a golden opportunity for brands to display items with great catchy content. From knitted shirts to key chains, everything is sold with the aim to elevate the celebrations and ultimately boost sales.

Easter is still a good amount of days away, and Christmas seems to be on the other end of the horizon. Companies have just started warming up to brainstorm the next discount products to present, but that isn’t the case with everyone. Poundland has decided to win this battle. The company offered its first festive product earlier this week which took everyone by surprise.

The store displayed its bright ‘Santa please stop here’ doormats confidently in March which made Lynne Barrow (one of the many confused shoppers) post a photograph on Facebook.

‘I think Poundland are getting early for Christmas’, she posted on the the Poundland Appreciation Society, that consist of 28,000 members.

Any high street stores that start to get over excited to release their festive products before time are highly ridiculed each year. However, that usually happens in September, not March.

Christmas is still 270 days away which makes this bold move by Poundland even more astonishing. These premature products were put to display alongside items for Mother’s Day. Countless confused customers have agreed with Lynne’s post, while some confessed having bought the £1 accessories.

‘This Christmas malarky is getting earlier and earlier every year,’ wrote Lorraine Dowler. While Alexandria Watson suggested they were just trying to flog the stock they wanted to get rid of.

Even after multiple mocking comments, the mats are still being sold at Poundland’s across the UK. This has increased the sense of urgent shopping among many who are stocking their Christmas décor to be ready for it by October. This move might trigger other companies as well to start releasing their festive items, which in turn will result in availability of these products all year round!

Whatever their strategy is, we can only begin to shop for Christmas right away and hope to get done with the Christmas decorations a month before it arrives!