Gemma Collins Plans Christmas Hit

Gemma Collins Plans Christmas Hit

Gemma Collins Plans Christmas Hit

Gemma Collins, The Only Way is Essex star is set to show her talents in show business now after making waves on this year’s Dancing on Ice. The gifted star hinted on Good Morning Britain of her upcoming single that will be released around Christmas later this year. She is determined to step out of the reality TV and explore new industrial boundaries.

Collins excitedly stated to the presenters Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan that she has “teamed up with super producer naughty boy and I’m bringing out my first single this Christmas.”

Both presenters considered it an April Fools Day prank and tried to brush this revelation off lightly. However, Collins confirmed that the news was real which made Susanna and Piers (and all her fans) completely astonished.

After being asked ‘Does it exist?’ and if she could get it on Spotify by the visibly stunned Reid, the talented star told them ‘”No ones’ got it, it’s top secret.”.

It was still hard to convince everyone that the news was real since it seemed like an elaborate prank. The artist mentioned that she has been already signed by Universal and is set to stun everyone by touching new aspects of the showbiz world.

“I basically met him [Naught Boy] at the Brits” Gemma elaborated her fantasy moment, adding that he came up to her and told her that she was “shining brighter than anyone here tonight” and that he wanted to make a record with her. The presenters were completely in awe after hearing this and wished her the best of luck for her upcoming projects and dreams. The amazing star is bold enough to chase new career goals which everyone loves about her!

Collins also added that the song will be ‘very touching’ and a power ballad. Before revealing her upcoming career ventures, she discussed several topics with the presenters including knife crime and Brexit.

While on the topic of Brexit, Collins told about her voting to leave EU and offering advice to the Prime Minister Theresa.

“I think Theresa needs to lead our nation, take a deep breath Theresa, make a deal and let’s move forward” the TOWIE star said.