A Christmas Carol to hit our Screens this year? – Knight reveals!

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A Christmas Carol to hit our Screens this year? – Knight reveals!

It’s about time for an update on Charles Dickens classic – A Christmas Carrol! As if people haven’t already been glued to their screens with the likes of ‘Peaky Blinders’ and ‘Taboo’, they’re now anxiously waiting for the next captivating series that BBC announced a while ago.

The new version is going to be produced executively by Steven Knight – the creator of Peaky Blinders, and Tom Hardy – the legendary ‘Venom’ star who will also play a mysterious role in the series.

While talking to Collider about the project, Steven Knight revealed the starting date for filming and when it might hit our screens.

“It’s gonna be three one-hours,” he said, “it’s largely done in terms of the script. We’re planning to shoot this year and hopefully get it on the screen for Christmas… It’s BBC plus an American element which has not been announced yet.”

Well is the ‘American Element’ an American twist on the story or a co-finance thing? Let’s all hope it’s the latter.

Apart from that, Knight also plans to get more Dickens on the screens, saying: “What I’m planning to do is adapt five Dickens books – A Christmas Carol plus four novels – and do it over a period of six or seven years and have a repertory of actors.

“I think we’ll get the best actors in the world, hopefully, to take part because the Dickens characters are so great and just do like [David] Copperfield and Oliver Twist and Great Expectations and do them in a modern way.

“Not really in a Taboo way, but sort of like that.”

According to the executive producer, the Taboo fans might have to wait a bit longer for the season two of the show. It was revealed that filming won’t begin until the end of this year at the earliest, and maybe we all know the reason for it now.